Our water leaks Gold Coast South service can help if you suspect you have a water leak.

If you have an excess water bill or water pooling in your yard, the culprit could be leaking pipes or underground water leaks.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself to assist in determining if this is the problem.

  • Has your water bill has increased?
  • Have you’ve noticed your water meter turning faster than normal?
  • Have you’ve seen damp patches on the concrete or on pathways?
  • Is an area of your lawn is muddy and wet?
  • Can you see rising damp or water slowly seeping?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, call AMS Plumbing today and let us find the cause of your water leak. We are Gold Coast South water leak experts.

Our plumbers can assist you to resolve plumbing leaks quickly

First we will check for dripping taps, leaking toilets or obvious water spots around the property. A leaking toilet or a toilet that is constantly ‘running’ could potentially be wasting around 7 litres of water per minute.

Most of us put off calling in a Plumber in to fix minor leaks around the house, office or workplace.  Putting off repairs can be a costly exercise though.  Did you know those taps that drip, drip, drip, all day long could be wasting up to10,000 litres of water in one day!  At AMS we can repair dripping taps or if preferred, replace tap-ware with a newer more efficient model.

Do you have a leaking shower?

Is it leaking at the showerhead, or have you noticed damp walls in surrounding rooms? AMS highly qualified technicians can quickly access the problem and give best advice on how to resolve shower leak problems in a cost effective manner. Our plumbers carry a special pressure gauge device to determine if your pipes are holding enough pressure and not leaking, as well as checking for pipe leaks. The plumber will also test the waste pipes, to see if there are any concealed pipe leaks – if these are found, we will access the pipes / waste and carry out repairs to resolve the leak problem.   In some cases, damp walls may point to a waterproofing issue.  At AMS we can also assist you with this type of repair via our bathroom renovations team.

In the case of minor leaks, a repair or replacement of parts can be made.  Our Gold Coast South water leak plumbers will always advise the best solution and most cost effective way to resolve any water leaks in your home, office or workplace. At AMS Plumbing we ensure your plumbing work is value for money.

Possible underground pipe leak

If your water leak is something bigger, or we suspect a possible underground pipe leak, then leak detection may be required. AMS offer leak detection services to determine exactly where the water-leak is coming from. It may be a burst pipe under your driveway or a leaking pipe near a water main. We use some of the latest sonar equipment to guide us to the area of your possible water leak problem. Once we have identified the area of the leak we will determine how far underground (or how deep) the water leak is.  From here our technicians will start the underground pipe repair work.

AMS Plumbing can tackle any possible scenario when it comes to underground burst pipes or pipe leaks whether it be concrete pipes, earthenware or PVC pipes.  In all instances we will attempt to expose the water leak and make the necessary pipe repairs.  If the burst pipe is too far underground machine excavation may be required.  Our team of plumbers have a great deal of experience in this type of work and we even have our own excavator on hand to easily dig out and expose the pipes and drains in order to carry out repairs.

Call in the Gold Coast South water leak detection experts today!

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