Water Saving (WELS)

In July 2012, new legislation was introduced called WELS (Water Efficiency labelling and Standards). Put simply, it’s all to do with water usage and water conservation.

AMS plumbing are well rehearsed in the WELS certification process.

  • Step 1) Test all the devices on the property (taps, shower heads and/or toilets) to see if they are compliant.
  • Step 2) if compliant, provide WELS Certificate
  • Step 3) if not compliant, AMS Plumbing offer a simple and cost effective solution which is to install water saving aerators, restrictors and/or replace a fitting such as a shower head.
  • Do you have a waste / garbage disposal unit in your kitchen?
  • is it forever blocking up?
  • Does it need repairing?
  • is it a matter of no longer wanting it?

AMS Plumbing can assist with all your waste / garbage disposal problems. Whether it requires repairing, replacing or removing completely, we are here to help.

  • Upgrading your fridge?
  • Looking for a fridge with a built-in ice-maker or water dispenser?
  • Ever wondered where to begin when bringing home a brand new fridge?

Call AMS Plumbing today and we will guide you through the process because you will need a licenced plumber to connect your existing cold water supply to your new fridge.

There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a new ice-maker / water dispensing fridge and that’s things like: how old is your home, where is the kitchen sink located (water source), do you think you could have a water line in the existing fridge space?

This is where AMS plumbing can help because we can advise which will suit your requirements the best.

  • Do you have a leaking shower?
  • Don’t know where to start?

Call AMS Plumbing today and we can test to see if your shower is holding pressure which will assist with determining if you have a pipe leak or leaking shower base.

We are specialist in leaking shower and shower waterproofing issues. So, how does it work?

  • AMS plumbing inspect the shower area – tapware, shower head and existing seals.
  • Carry out a pressure test on your existing tapware / combinations to determine if your pipes are holding pressure.
  • If your pipes AREN’T holding pressure you could possibly have a leak in the pipe or tapware combination.
  • If your pipes ARE holding pressure, you more than likely have a waterproofing issue with your shower base.

Most water meters are clearly identifiable on your property. They can be above, at, or below ground level and are usually found towards the front of your property, near either the left or right boundary.

Each property usually has its own individual water meter. In some cases (i.e. duplexes, complexes etc.) one water meter may be used and usage is divided by the amount of properties that one water meter services.

Most water meters are read the same: Black display numbers for kilolitres (kL) and red display numbers for litres.

What if you don’t have your own water meter? Well, you’ll need your own Sub Meter installed. This will help you individually track, monitor and pay for your own usage. If you would like to know more about getting your own Sub Meter installed, call AMS Plumbing today!


Did you know that AMS Plumbing can test all makes and models of devices and valves?

  • Backflow Prevention Device
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Temperature Control Device
  • Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Duo Valve
  • Cold Water Expansion Valve

Our plumbers are fully licenced to do all of the above and much more.

AMS plumbing are also well rehearsed ‘Notifiable Works’ which can sometime require Forms or Certificates to be filled out and sent to Local Council.

Leave the guess work to us.

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