Help – I have a burst pipe!

When you have a burst pipe in or around your home, you will want a plumber straight away.

A burst pipe can happen any time and it usually comes without warning, whether you’re home, at work or fast asleep. It could be inside the house (burst pipe in the wall, burst pipe under the sink) or it could be outside (burst water main, burst pipe underground).

Call AMS Plumbing for any plumbing issues – especially burst pipes.

The first thing we would advise you to do – turn off your water at the mains… Switching off the water supply will at least give you time to process what’s just happened and what the next step is.

Burst pipe – in the wall

If you’ve got obvious damp or wet patches, there’s a high possibility you have a burst pipe within a wall space. If you’re not sure exactly where it’s coming from, we can always have a leak detector carry out an inspection to find it.

Burst pipe – under the kitchen sink / vanity

A burst pipe under your sink can be a nightmare. Water damage to your cabinetry, flooring or walls can quickly send you into panic mode, however WE CAN HELP. A burst flexi hose is a quick and easy plumbing repair, however any repair works required that you might need a quote for (say, for insurance purposes) can easily be handled by the team in our Maintenance / Renovations department.

Burst pipe – outside / underground

A burst stormwater pipe or a burst sewer pipe could potentially be easy quick and easy repair or it could turn into a massive job. AMS Plumbing can help determine what the best solution is for YOUR burst pipe. Whether or not it can be repaired by manually digging to expose the problem or whether you need a machine excavator, or whether you need to reroute your entire pipework – AMS Plumbing has the right team for the job. 

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