Water Tank Cleaning

At AMS Plumbing we recommend you have your water tank cleaned annually towards the end of summer when water levels are usually at their lowest.

Over time sludge builds up that can result in bacteria spread to the water. If you notice discolouration of the water or the water has an odd taste/smell then the tank requires cleaning.

At AMS our specialised equipment can easily remove sludge build up at the bottom of the tank. We recommend you use professional services to remove sludge build up as attempting this yourself can pose some danger including working in confined space.

As water is collected via the roof and gutters it is also important to maintain these surfaces. Gutters should be regularly cleaned to remove any debris, at the same time the roof structure should be inspected for overhanging branches. Insect and leaf gutter guards can assist in keeping your gutters debris free.

During the cleaning process we inspect the tank for evidence of access by animals such as birds, insects, including mosquito larvae. If found to be present we will locate the source of the problem to rectify.

5 Reasons you should consider professional water tank cleaning.

  1. Stagnant water acts as a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, parasites and algae.
  2. Contaminated water can lead to water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and gastro.
  3. Rust can accumulate over time in the water tank.
  4. Water filtration may not be effective it your tank is not clean.
  5. Regular cleaning can prevent plumbing issues and help to reduce maintenance costs.

With regular maintenance and cleaning you can enjoy clean safe water all year round. Book your next water tank clean with our specialised team.

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