Drain Relining Services

Drain Relining

At AMS Plumbing we offer drain relining services to repair pipes from the inside which maintains their structure. The process involves molding resin to the inside of the pipe to add a protective layer that repairs cracks and other damage.

Relining is a non-destructive repair that reduces downtime and disruption to your services. Our expert plumbers will make sure the job is done right the first time and we’ll keep you informed about the work at every step. We’re proud to offer this top-quality service to assist in maintaining the structure of your underground pipes.

The majority of relining jobs are completed within 4-6 hours making this process extremely quick and convenient.

What is drain relining?

Relining is a process that involves inserting a thick resin and bladder into the existing pipe to strengthen it and repair cracks. This eliminates the need for costly repairs and replacements and is more cost-effective than digging up your pipes.

Benefits of drain relining

Maintaining the structure of pipes will help prevent further damage and ensure long-term performance. 

  • Drain relining is a cost-effective alternative to strengthen existing pipes.
  • The structure of the pipes remains intact meaning that there will be no leaks from the joints or problems with pressure.
  • The pipe can easily be reused and there’s no need to dig or remove the pipe.
  • We can provide a fast response to drain relining jobs.
  • Better drainage performance because of the increased strength and thickness of the pipes. 

Relining is an effective way to repair leaks, cracks, and blockages without having to replace the entire pipe. If your drains are leaking or overflowing, don’t wait another minute before contacting AMS Plumbing for prompt service and reliable plumbing solutions.

drain relining
drain relining