Blocked Drains
$300 inc*
Only $195 inc* (conditions apply)
Includes 1 hour on-site

Blocked Drains

AMS Plumbing have vehicles equipped with drain cleaning equipment, capable of clearing blocked sewers, septic and stormwater lines. Call AMS blocked drain clearing service If you have:

  • A kitchen sink overflowing
  • A blocked toilet
  • Blocked gutters, downpipes or stormwater

If your sink or drain is overflowing you should engage a plumber straight away, as it is important not to ignore it. A blocked drain means that water or waste is not escaping in the way that it should. Your pipes could back up quickly and cause you many more problems such as water damage or waste overflow.

Blocked drains are generally caused by tree roots, faulty joints, broken pipes or foreign objects that have entered the lines. if drains continually block or if due to the condition of the line it cannot be cleared, the plumber will view the line with the CCTV drain camera.

This involves guiding the specialised CCTV drain camera down the line which enables them to view the drain. The locator is then used to determine the exact position and depth of the drain and nay points in the line with faults.

CCTV pipe camera are fed down your line and used to view underground drains. This assists our licenced plumbers in determining whether there is a problem within the pipework. They can see any possible issues on the screen, such as blockages, cracks or incorrect fall. This also takes the guesswork out of ‘the cause’ of the problem.

Once identified a locator is then used to determine the exact position and depth of the problematic area and any points in the pipework with faults.

AMS Plumbing offer a ‘Drainage Package’ and this includes:

  • Plumbers labour
  • Drain clearing equipment
  • CCTV camera
  • Locator

*Terms and Conditions Apply for our Limited Time Offer

  • Camera survey will take place at the time of drain cleaning
  • If vehicle which attends site is not equipped with a drain camera, no follow up camera survey will take place, no discount will be provided
  • If camera survey is required additional cost may be charged (discretion of AMS)
  • Camera survey is to be carried out on the drain which is being cleared
  • If additional equipment is required, additional costs will apply