Why are my gutters backing up and overflowing

The sound of rain is relaxing for many, but it can be your gutters’ worst nightmare! If there’s been a downpour of rain recently and you’ve noticed your gutters backing up and overflowing; it’s likely they need clearing.

All sorts of things can lead to clogging:

If left uncleared, clogging can lead to all sorts of problems, including blocked downpipes and serious water damage to your home and garden as the excess water cascades off your roof like a waterfall.

Signs your gutters are blocked

Ensuring they are debris-free is essential to the structural integrity and safety of your home. Call your local plumber who can come out and inspect your property to ensure they are able to flow freely before summer storms set in!

How to clean

As we’re leading up to summer, now is the perfect time to ensure our gutters are free of debris and working properly.  Ideally, gutters should be cleaned around 2 – 3 times a year; minimum before wet weather hits after it has hit and in the middle of storm season when gutters are likely to get clogged more often than usual.

Whilst you can attempt to clear the gutters yourselves, it is advisable to seek professional help, as it can be a dangerous job!

Your local plumber will be able to help, contact us today to get your gutters ready for the summer storms!