What could be the cause of your hot water cylinder leaking

Water heaters add a huge amount of comfort to our daily lives, we often take hot water for granted and don’t give a second thought to where the hot water comes from and how the system works.

Until suddenly hot water is no longer available…

This could be a sign that your hot water cylinder is leaking and this needs to be addressed ASAP whilst the issue is HOT!

Common causes of hot water cylinder leaks are:


A common reason for a hot water cylinder to leak is if a drain valve has come loose. This is usually an easy fix although you have to be careful to not over tighten the valve; it needs to just be snug.


If there is a build up of excess pressure inside the tank this will force the water to leak out in order to reduce some pressure. The usual cause for this is that the temperature for the cylinder is set too high.

Tank age

Hot water cylinders are designed to last for years but as like everything, they won’t last forever. As rusting and corrosion occurs it can start to allow the water to leak out. This rarely can be fixed and a water cylinder replacement will be necessary otherwise eventually the tank will fail completely likely flooding your home.

Although the issue could be something more minor, if you have found your hot water cylinder leaking then it is likely that a repair or replacement is necessary.

Whether you need to replace or repair your water cylinder contact an experienced, licensed and qualified plumber such as AMS Plumbing who will be able to service, diagnose and repair any issues with your hot water system.