Top 5 bathroom cleaning tips to keep your bathroom sparkling!

The bathroom is the second most visited room in the house, so whilst it’s important to keep clean, it’s also difficult to stay on top of!

Do you panic if you have an unexpected visitor turn up at your house when realisation sets in that you haven’t cleaned bathroom?

Fortunately there are some habits you can adopt to avoid dirtying your bathroom too much; reducing your time spent cleaning!

Here are our top 5 tips to keep your bathroom sparkling

  1. Check your teeth brushing habits. It may sound strange but many people brush their teeth facing the mirror, which sends toothpaste bubbles everywhere, making it impossible to keep your mirror clean. By brushing your teeth facing down into the sink most of these bubbles get rinsed away.
  2. Wipe the shower space every time. Scrubbing the shower walls is one of the biggest bathroom cleaning tasks. Taking a minute to wipe away the moisture after each shower will keep mold at bay and keep your walls cleaner for longer, meaning the deep clean won’t require as much scrubbing as most of the soap scum and body oils will have been wiped away already!
  3. Flush every time. Whilst not flushing saves water, it creates a dirty smelly build up in your toilet. Ensure you have a water saving toilet installed and use the half flush option when you can. This will keep your toilet bowl cleaner for longer.
  4. Wipe counters after using make up. Make up is a stubborn source of grime on bathroom counters. Make sure you clean up straight away to avoid stains.
  5. Keep things dry. Hang towels up properly so they can air out and keep as much water as possible off the bathroom walls and floor. Water gets into the grout causing staining and mold growth. Bacteria thrive in damp environments so keeping your bathroom (and everything in it) dry will keep your room looking and smelling fresh instead of funky.

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