Toilet Blockages

The trusty toilet (Dunny , Loo, Bog, Crapper) whatever you like to call it. The family toilet really is a workhorse. Did you know, that the average person spends almost two hours on the dunny each week? That equates to 3 months over a lifetime. It’s no wonder that it’s not uncommon for toilet blockages to occur. When your toilet is on struggle street there are a couple of obvious signs you have a blocked toilet. If the water is taking longer than usual to go down there is probably something blocking it. Or if there is a visible blockage and the water just simply overflows, you have a serious blockage on your hands. There are all sorts of materials other than human waste that could be causing a blockage, but you might be surprised to hear the most common thing to block a toilet is actually toilet paper. This occurs when a person tries to flush far too much paper down at once, or if there is a build-up of loo paper in the pipes that hasn’t dissolved properly. Feminine hygiene products, particularly sanitary pads & tampons are bulky materials which can cause serious blockages in a short space of time. Baby wipes and cleaning wipes commonly get flushed these days. Unless these wipes are specifically labelled flushable, then they are not and build up blockages over time in the pipes. Kids are big culprits when it comes to blocked toilets. It is common to find small toys, kids underwear and rubber duckies down that have been flushed away. How to clear a blockage The easiest way to clear a blockage is by using a chemical drain opening product to break down the material causing the blockage. There are a range of drain clearing products on the market readily available at most hardware stores. These usually work by pouring the chemical into the bowl and waiting for the period of time stated on the instructions. This will loosen the blockage and you should see the water level starting to drain. Once the suggested time has passed flush the toilet to clear the remaining blockage. If this method fails, you might need to try and use a plunger. Failing that, if all else fails it is time to call in the professionals. AMS Plumbing Gold Coast specialise in all general plumbing including blocked drains. We provide a 7-day emergency plumbing service across the Gold Coast and can have a licenced plumber at your home within the hour in most cases. Call AMS Plumbing today on 07 5592 2310.