Tips for Dealing with a Burst Pipe

It does not matter if you have just moved into a brand new house, or if you live in a house that has been around for decades, chances are it will happen to you at some point, so what do you do when you have a burst pipe? Burst Pipes can be costly, that is why you need to be able to act quickly to avoid extensive damage that an unattended burst pipe can cause. By following our quick guide, you will be prepared and informed should it happen to you: 1. Familiarise yourself with your water meter, in particular, do you know how to shut it off in the case of an emergency. Normally located at the front of your property. 2. Disable the electricity; this is especially important if you believe a burst pipe has the potential to leak onto an electrical source. Once wet, an electrical system runs the risk of starting a fire or causing electrocution. Make sure to check that your fuse box is not wet itself, as this puts you at risk of an electrical shock. 3. Turning off the hot water system will help you in preventing any further damage. Damage can occur in these areas if the burst water pipe empties or pressure causing a burst. 4. Search the property for any signs of water damage, check areas such as ceilings and walls as this will help you find which water pipe has burst and made repairs all the easier for you or a professional plumber.  Avoid going near or touching ceilings or walls that appear to be significantly bulging as there is a risk that part of the structure may collapse. At Affordable Plumber AMS Gold Coast we are on call 24/7 day and night because we know burst pipes do not happen during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Our trade-qualified plumbers will be able to assist you and guarantee a one hour response after receiving your call, click here.