Think before you flush. 6 things you should never flush down the toilet.

Flushing things down the toilet that you’re not meant to can quickly cause your drain to block.

Everything except for human waste and toilet paper should go in the bin and not down the toilet!

Check out this common list of non-flushable offenders that are often responsible for blocking drains.

6 things you should never flush:

  1. Baby wipes. Even if the pack says flushable, all wipes (baby wipes, cleaning wipes, wet toilet wipes) should be disposed of in the bin and not down the toilet. They do not break down like toilet tissue and will quickly clog a pipe.
  2. Tampons. Cotton doesn’t break down easily in water, which can cause some serious problems especially if you are using a septic system and it also quickly snags, commonly causing a build-up and then a blockage by getting caught inside a pipe.
  3. Nappies. Yes, people do attempt to flush nappies down the toilet despite the size of them. This will definitely cause an immediate blockage and should be avoided at all costs.
  4. Sanitary napkins. All types of liners or pads should never be flushed. Considering the size and absorbance of them, it is not hard to imagine it not taking long to expand and cause a blockage.
  5. Band-aids. Band-aids are made from non-biodegradable plastic which is terrible for the environment and sewerage system.
  6. Cotton buds or balls. Small cotton balls and buds may seem small and harmless but they have been known to build up in piping, particularly in the bends, resulting in a blockage.

Keep a bin in your bathroom as well as disposable bags for your sanitary items, so it is just as convenient and hygienic for you to dispose of these items correctly as it is to flush them down the toilet!

If you do find your drains keep getting blocked, see our guide to eliminating blocked drains here. To resolve a plumbing problem, contact AMS Plumbing who can assist with your plumbing issues and repairs at an affordable price.