The 8 DIY plumbing tools every homeowner should own

Problematic plumbing issues can strike at any time! Before you call your local tradie, you may want to give it your plumbing problem a DIY whirl at fixing the issue. Although you don’t have the tickets of the trade, you can get yourself some of the basic tools of the trade and try to tackle your plumbing problem yourself.

8 common plumbing tools for every homeowner’s toolbox

The trusty plunger has to be #1 on the list of essentials. This simple device can be used over and over, and will last for years if you purchase one of high quality. Your trusty plunger will be your best friend when it comes to tackling blocked drains and is more often than not successful in relieving less complex clogs.

Coming in at a close second is the augur, also known as a toilet snake. This tool is handy when a plunger can’t quite clear the blockage. The auger has a metal coil at one end which when pushed down the drain will latch on to any clogs, either wiggling them loose so the drain flows freely again, or allowing you to bring the clog up to put in the bin,

Adjustable wrench
As plumbing systems have many nuts and bolts, an adjustable wrench is handy when you need to remove something from the plumbing system. Having wrench’s in a couple of different sizes will also benefit you when you need to be able to reach a fair distance or need to get into tight cramped places such as under the kitchen sink.

Plumbers tape
Over time the fittings and fixtures that make up your plumbing system can wear down. Plumbers tape is helpful when you need to stop a leak or seal off a gap between fittings. This tape is more effective than duct tape as it has been specifically designed to be waterproof.

Pliers are handy to have as they allow you to grip small things you may be struggling to grab with your fingers, choose a small pair for the best grip to handle the trickiest of tasks.

You may be occasionally required to cut through plastic or metal pipes, or even bolts, nuts and other plumbing system elements. Blades get dull after multiple uses so keep some spare in your toolbox and change them after every couple of uses.

Metal file
If you do find yourself having to saw through any part of your plumbing system then you’ll want to ensure you remove the rough edges it leaves behind so you don’t accidently cut yourself. A half round file will tackle most plumbing tasks.

Silicone pump 
Where there is plumbing, there is silicone! Caulking around sinks, showers and baths create a watertight seal and over time this seal can break down, leading to water damage in your home. The silicone gun allows you to quickly and effectively patch up any gaps in the silicone. For a plumber-perfect finish, wipe the seal down with a cloth before it sets to ensure there’s no lumps and bumps.

When your plumbing problem needs a plumber

If you’ve tried all the plumbing tools in your toolbox, or don’t know where to start – contact us today! Our professional plumbers can clear blocked drains, repair broken pipes, detect leaks and more.