Summer water saving tips

Summer water saving in Australia is something we should all be familiar with. Hot summers and long days can mean our water usage is usually very high. The average Australian uses an average of 340 litres of water per day, per person. This is shockingly high in comparison to other figures, with the average person in the United Kingdom only using 142 litres per day! Reducing your water doesn’t mean cutting out refreshing cold showers and afternoons playing outside under the hose. There are numerous daily water saving tips and actions you can implement to reduce your water consumption and therefore your water bill- and they don’t have to result in drastic changes.


Showers are most likely the first place we look at when we start to think about reducing our water usage. Most families will start to time showers and reduce the number of showers they have. This will help, however, could still be relatively pointless if you’re using the wrong shower head. You could save up to 20 litres of water per MINUTE by replacing your current shower head with a water efficient one. Using a water saving shower head (also called low-flow heads) can save you hundreds of dollars off your water bill. Inefficient heads can use up to 25 litres per minute, while a water saving shower head uses only around 5 litres per minute.

When shopping for shower heads, you should also take note of the WELS rating. This is similar to the energy star rating found on most appliances. The WELS rating (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) makes it easy for you to compare water efficiency across shower heads. We recommend choosing a shower head with an absolute minimum of a 3-star rating if you’re wanting to improve your water usage.


Using water saving habits with the toilet can also save your household litres of water a year. Try using the half-flush button when appropriate to save water. If you only have a single flush toilet, switching to a dual-flush model is a real investment when it comes to saving water. Swapping a single-flush toilet to a dual-flush 4-star rated toilet could save a household of 4 people up to 60 000 litres of water a year! You should also keep note of whether the toilet seems to be leaking or constantly running and call a professional ASAP to get this fixed. A badly leaking toilet could waste up to 96 000 litres a year if not tended to immediately.

Washing machines

Making changes to your laundry routine is another way you can start saving water in your home. The first step is once again checking the WELS rating of your machine and opting for a machine with a better rating if possible. When doing your washing, you can adjust the water level on the machine, and even use a water saving mode if your machine has one. Also try and avoid doing smaller loads of laundry. Plan washing days and try wash as much at once as possible to reduce your water usage. You can even divert the water from your washing machine to be used across other areas of your home.

These are just a handful of ways you can start to reduce your water consumption this summer. Starting with these simple and easy tips could save you and your family hundreds of dollars per year. The best thing about these options is that they hardly impact on your current habits. No more not watering the garden and timing showers to try save water. If you’re concerned about your water usage or are wanting to install a smarter appliance, contact AMS plumbing today.