Sprung a leak? 3 things to do while you’re waiting for an Emergency Plumber.

If you find yourself in the midst of a plumbing emergency, there are a few things you can do whilst you wait for the emergency plumber to arrive.

Presumably you have already called the plumber – if not – this is the first thing you should do! Plumbing emergencies need to be tended to as soon as possible.

3 things to action whilst waiting for the emergency plumber:

1.     Turn off the water.

The moment you notice a plumbing emergency such as a leak or burst pipe you need to shut off the main water connection to your home or at a minimum the water connection to the specific problem area. Turning off the water won’t stop the problem but it will prevent any further flooding.

This main water valve is usually located outside near the water meter. You may need to do some digging as it can be amongst overgrown grass or gardens. They are generally located close to the front boundary of your property. If the leak is at the tap or toilet then you can turn the water to the specific feature, you can find the valve usually in the cupboard space under the sink where the tap is located.

2.     Clear the problem area.

If you can it will be helpful to clear the area so that the plumber can easily access and work on the problem. Don’t worry about cleaning up all the water as there will likely be more leaking but it is helpful to start cleaning sooner rather than later.

Move any personal items or furniture that may be at risk of further damage or in the way of the plumber. This will allow the plumber to work more efficiently and your household can resume normality sooner!

3.     Let the plumber work their magic.

Once the plumber has asked you everything they need to know, leave them to work on the problem and keep any children and pets out of the way. Once complete the emergency plumber can give you a rundown of the problem, how it was fixed and how to avoid it happening again.