Preventing blockages in your homes drainpipes

Take care to do what you can to prevent blockages in your homes drainpipes to avoid leaks, burst pipes and other avoidable plumbing nightmares.

Drain blockages can be expensive and time consuming to fix, which is frustrating for everyone involved especially considering many causes of blockages in drainpipes are unavoidable with a little common sense.

Obviously there may be times when you can’t avoid a blocked drain. However there are a few ways you can minimise the risk.

Reduce your risks of blocked drains

If you have a blockage in your drainpipe then it should be addressed immediately. Don’t presume that the blockage will fix itself, by acting face you can avoid a larger than necessary plumbing issue.

If you have a blockage in your homes drainpipe that you aren’t able to un clog yourself, AMS Plumbing have the tools and knowledge to address the issue.