Preparing your home for storm season

It’s November and that means one thing in Queensland – storm season is officially here!

Usually striking October – March, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to prepare your home for to minimise the risk of damage when the heavy wind, rain and hail inevitably hits this storm season!

Avoiding storms is impossible and predicting how bad they’re going to be can be difficult, but what is not impossible is ensuring your home is prepared accordingly for the worst of the weather.

How to prepare your home for storm season

Gutter Cleaning

Never had your gutters professionally cleared, or not since last year’s storm season? It’s time to engage the professionals such as AMS Plumbing. Blocked gutters + heavy rain = disaster! Even if your gutters seem to be flowing freely, there may be a build up of leaves and debris that you aren’t able to see and won’t notice until the heavy rain hits and water is unable to drain away from your home quickly.

Check the condition of your roof

Check the tiles on your roof for any damaged or missing tiles. If you can spot any issues, have them fixed before the rain hits. Damaged tiles will likely not weather a big storm and missing tiles could cause serious leaks.

Ensure overhanging branches are trimmed back

All overhanging branches and any that look particularly weak that are near your home need to be trimmed and removed from the property.

Secure loose items around the home

When the strong wind hits it will pick up anything and everything in its path. It’s important to ensure all loose items around your home and in your garden are secured or placed inside so they can’t cause damage to anyone or anything if they are thrown around in the wind.

Get your storm emergency pack ready

Keep an emergency pack on hand with food, water, first aid kits, torches, blankets and important documents handy. Know where you can get sandbags if your home starts to flood, especially if you live in a flood prone area.