Precise leak detection

When you have an urgent plumbing issue, it’s important to locate a reputable plumbing company, as not all companies are able to provide fast and efficient service.  AMS Plumbing Gold Coast are the leaders in their field when it comes to water leak detection, utilising the latest plumbing equipment for precise leak detection.

Using quality German made Sewerin leak detection technology, the equipment works by using headphones, a hand held device and a ground microphone which when placed at regular intervals it relays the sounds detected and accurately identifies where the leak is located without digging.  This technology is a cut above the rest, meaning they are able to save time and money in locating the issue.  Having invested into purchasing this high-tech equipment, it means they are able to provide their customers with top value for money service.

Underground water leaks, particularly those under driveways, concrete slabs or buildings can be extremely difficult to locate.  In many cases such leaks can go undetected for several weeks or even months due to its discrete underground location.  The first sign of a water leak may be an excess water bill or a water meter that continues to clock up water usage despite all taps being turned off.  Excess water bills can be very expensive, so promptly locating the source of the water leak is imperative.

Delays in locating an issue such as a leak, means extra costs as a result of a significant water loss, extra labour costs involved in locating the leak, and the potential repair bill from pulling up driveways and concrete slabs.

If you suspect you have a water leak, ensure you contact the professionals in water leak detection services at AMS Plumbing Gold Coast, click here.