Our top 5 tips on keeping your drains clean and clog free

There’s nothing more frustrating than a blocked drain!

We have all experienced a blockage at some point in time! The good news is, there are things you can do to reduce the occurrence of a clogged drain or stop it happening altogether!

Tips to keep your drains flowing freely

1.    Cover the drain

A drain cover stops hair going down the drain, which is one of the main causes of blockages. Hair in a drain is a nightmare as it catches all the grease and grime and causes a blockage in no time.

2.    Brush your hair before you shower

Longhaired humans, I’m talking to you! Give your hair a thorough brush before you wash it and put in the bin. This is especially important if it’s been a few days between washes as your hair will shed and block those drains in no time! If you do notice your hair shedding – put it in the bin don’t let it go down the drain.

3.    Don’t wash pets in the bath or shower

Or if you do, ensure you use a drain cover. Especially pets that malt! When you can wash them outside or at the dog wash to keep the hair out of your drains entirely.

4.    Clean the drain

Sounds obvious, but is often ignored as part of the bathroom cleaning ritual! Regularly clean your drain using a DIY drain cleaner to remove a build up of grease and grime. This should assist in eliminating any full blockages! You can create a solution of bi-carb, vinegar and hot water for a cheap and easy DIY cleaner.

5.    Keep a plunger handy

If you do notice your water starting to drain slowly, get plunging! You may dislodge the build up and along with the clean should be able to eliminate a full blockage.

Do you notice a theme here? Hair is one of the top causes of drain blockages! By keeping as much hair as possible out of the drain, along with regular cleaning to reduce build up of soap and grime you should be able to avoid blocked drains.

With regular maintenance and a little TLC you should be able to keep your drains clean and clog free and avoid any full blockages and the need to call a plumber!

If your drain is blocked and no amount of cleaning or plunging can help, call a plumber such as AMS plumbing who will have the professional tools to clean your drain and get your water flowing freely again.