My tap is leaking, should I call a Plumber?

The first thing you may want to do if your tap is leaking is call a plumber.

But should you call a plumber or should you try to fix the leak yourself?

If you are a handy person you may be able to troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself.

IF you have a leak, here are some things to troubleshoot before picking up the phone.

Blocked drains

If your drain is blocked the build up of pressure could cause your tap to leak. Try unblocking or cleaning your drain and see if the leak improves or stops completely. You can use a plunger, or a DIY solution of white vinegar and bi-carb poured down the drain followed by a rinse with hot water.

Loose washers

Washers or O-Rings over time can come loose and cause slight leaks. Try tightening them. This may not be a long-term fix if they are worn out but is a relatively inexpensive leak to fix if this is the cause.

Old seals

Old and worn seals can cause an appliance to leak. Replacing the old or worn out seals around your taps may be the quick fix you’re looking for if this is where you can see the leak coming from.

Water pressure

High water pressure could lead to a leak as too much water is trying to escape the tap. If you have noticed an increase in your water pressure or think it may be too high, contact a plumber who can install a device to slow it down.

However, if you’re not sure why your tap is leaking and don’t know how to fix it or your leak keeps reoccurring, contact a professional before a small leak turns into a big problem!