Maintenance plumbing: keeping your plumbing system working properly

Maintenance plumbing is essentially about keeping your plumbing system working properly by fixing small problems before they become larger problems. Wear and tear is inevitable and when it comes to plumbing if you attend to this wear and tear promptly, you will not only have fully functioning plumbing; you will also save on water wastage and potentially increasingly expensive repair jobs. Toilets can be the source of several bathroom issues that can be easily corrected.  These include the flushing of the toilet water being too minimal and ineffective, water that continues to run inside the toilet, a toilet bowl that doesn’t refill or water leaking outside of the toilet.  These are all problems that are incredibly frustrating, yet are simply fixed with a little maintenance. Running toilets are perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to expensive water wastage.  The cost of a toilet constantly running really adds up over a day, let alone if it is left for several months.  This problem will really add costs to your water usage bill. Slow drains may result from debris build up such as hair loss in the shower or food particles in the kitchen sink.  The drains will continue to collected such debris and over time get slower and slower to drain.   Blocked drains puts pressure on pipes and can lead to additional problems. Home chemicals often don’t remove the entire clog, so the problem will return and the chemicals can cause damage by eroding cast iron drainpipes causing a major leak. A plumber can remove the cause of this blockage and get the drains flowing again. Small water leaks can continue to get worse over time.  A dripping tap will increase in the frequency and amount of water loss. Inspect your home for possible leakage from taps, faucets, sinks and garbage disposal units.   Water damage to surrounding sinks, vanities, taps, baths and showers will be evident if you leave small plumbing issues for any length of time.  Loose tiles, peeling paint, water stains, and mould are all signs of water damage from plumbing maintenance left too long.  It’s a good idea to fix these issues promptly to avoid additional problems from occurring because once water damage occurs; it can then become a costly repair job! If your needing to bang on the toilet to get the flush button on pop back up, or turning your taps off extra tight to stop the sound of dripping water driving you crazy all night, then you really have delayed your plumbing maintenance for too long.  To contact a professional and get your plumbing needs sorted, click here.