Is your home water efficient? 

By making our homes water efficient we can reduce the amount of water we consume.

This not only makes the home more energy efficient it also reduces the cost of your water bills!

Water is a precious resource that in some parts of the country is limited during certain times of the year, particularly in times and areas struggling with drought!

With this in mind, how do you make your home water efficient?

Fixtures and fittings

Making sure taps and showerheads are water and energy efficient is a great starting point in lowering your water consumption. Although the change may seem minor, they make a significant difference. An energy efficient showerhead uses a third of the amount of water compared to a non-efficient one! Showerheads and taps come with WELS star ratings.

Length of showers

After a long day, or even first thing in the morning, we can all lose track of how long were spending in the shower. By using a timer you can make sure your 5-minute shower doesn’t accidently turn into 25!

Fix leaks

A dripping tap can waste more than 96,000l of water and a running toilet can waste more than 4,000l of water a year! By fixing leaks in a timely manner reduces water wastage significantly.

Check appliances

The appliances that use the most water in a home are the toilet, shower, washing machine and dishwasher. By making sure these appliances are water efficient you can save a lot of excess water and reduce your water bills. Again, always look for appliances with a high WELS star-rating label.

Using water-efficient appliances, fittings and fixtures could save Australians more than $1 billion on water by 2021 – if this isn’t reason enough to make the switch then reducing the burden of water wastage on the environment should be enough to put you on the track to making your home water efficient.

For advice on making your home more water efficient, or help installing new appliances, fixtures or fittings, contact a licensed plumber who will be able to offer you personalized advice for your home.