How to unblock your toilet in 3 simple steps

How do I unblock my toilet? The dreaded Google search!

Unblocking a toilet is one of the most unglamorous jobs ever, but fortunately, with a little elbow grease you may be able to avoid an embarrassing call to the plumber! First things first, before we go into what to do to unblock your toilet, let’s start with not what to do…

Do not keep flushing your toilet if it is blocked!

This will cause more water to be pumped into your toilet bowl and eventually it will overflow.

How to unblock your toilet

  1. Reach in. If you know there is something causing the blockage and can see it, such as a child’s toy – you may have to reach in and try and grab it yourself. If you can see it, this should be an easy blockage to fix! If the item isn’t the only thing in the toilet bowl then wear a rubber glove.
  2. Plunge away. Use heavy-duty plunger (either a ball shape or one that has a fold out flange that will form a seal). Run the plunger under hot water before using to soften it up. Once the plunger is fully submerged in water and covering the hole plunge by pushing down and pulling up repeatedly to create a vacuum and try to dislodge whatever is causing the blockage.
  3. Use an auger. An auger (or toilet snake) is a flexible rod that reaches down the toilet pipe and pushes or pulls whatever is causing the blockage. Gently wiggle the auger and push if you feel it connecting with something until you feel it moving freely.

Most clogs can be unblocked without the need to call a plumber, but if you’re having no luck or the plunger and/or auger combination isn’t working then you may have to pick up the phone.

The blockage may be too far down the pipe for a DIY job and by continuing to attempt to dislodge an object you could end up doing more harm than good.

If your DIY unblocking efforts aren’t proving effective or you just know it’s a job you don’t want to tackle, call a licenced plumber such as AMS Plumbing, who have the tools, knowledge and experience to get your toilet back to normal in no time.