How to save money on your water bill

Water is the most vital natural resource we as humans require. We use water on a daily basis for various purposes. Not only is water essential to hydrate and clean our bodies, it is an important resource for every day household chores such as cooking, cleaning and washing. Despite water being a renewable natural resource, our consumption habits in households can lead to a lot of wastage. This is detrimental to both the environment and to our wallets, as water wastage impacts on our water bill. The government continues to encourage Australians to use less water to reduce their water expenses and benefit the environment. As our great country is prone to drought, there have even been times in the last few decades whereby the government has imposed water bans and daily limits to protect our vital resource. Let’s look at simple tips on how to save money on your water bill by making a few small changes around the home.




Backyard and Garden

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