How to keep your bathroom drains clean and clog free

The dreaded blocked drain! We’ve all been there.

No matter how hard you try, at some point you are going to find yourself with a slow or clogged drain.

However, with some regular maintenance you should be able to avoid a total blockage, keep your bathroom drains clean and your water flowing freely!

How to keep your bathroom drains clean

Clean them

An obvious one but often forgotten! We often clean our bathroom fixtures and fittings but forget about the drains themselves. Cleaning your drains from dirt and debris is one of the best ways to keep them clog free. Remove the drain cover from your drains weekly and put the debris in the bin and use a combination of vinegar and bi-carb soda sprinkled down the drain followed by hot water after 10 minutes or so, to remove and grimy build ups.

Brush your hair before you shower

Long hair quickly clogs up the shower. Brushing it before you shower will remove any loose hair and stop it going down the drain instead put it in the bin.

Don’t wash animals in the bath or shower

If the weather is warm enough, wash pets outside if you can to avoid their fur clogging your drain. If you have to wash them inside, use a drain catcher or place a washcloth over the drain to catch the fur- there could be a lot of it, especially if your pets shed hair!

Keep a plunger handy

Keep a quality plunger and/or auger handy for blockage emergencies. Sometimes clogs will happen regardless of how mindful you are. If too much toilet paper is flushed or something is dropped down the toilet, for example. Sometimes all it will take is a few pumps of a trusty plunger or the wiggle of an auger to dislodge the blockage.