How often do you check your home plumbing? General maintenance avoids major problems and saves money.

Do you only think about your home plumbing when a tap is leaking or you have a plumbing emergency?

Is the only maintenance you do cleaning your drains when they are clogged?

You’re not alone! However, by performing some plumbing self-maintenance bi-annually you can avoid major problems and save money on costly repair bills.

Here is a self-maintenance plumbing checklist:

Next time you’re unblocking a drain, take an extra 30 minutes to check all of your homes plumbing.

Finding potential plumbing problems early can prevent damage to your home and costly repairs. If you suspect any plumbing issues, a professional such as AMS Plumbing Gold Coast can perform a plumbing maintenance check.

Even if no issues are found, the check will reduce the chance of future problems by making sure everything is in tiptop condition!