Hot Water Systems: Repairs versus Replacement

Hot water systems are often the last thing you think about when it comes to repairs around the home unless all of a sudden you are stuck having a cold shower in the middle of winter.  However, often when your hot water system goes on the fritz and depending on how often your hot water system requires repairs, you may be facing the question, is it time to completely replace the system? Continuous repairs could easily rack up into the thousands of dollars over a period and with that money being spent you could have installed a brand-new heating system for the same price or in most cases, even cheaper than the ongoing costs. While considering a replacement, you might want to consider an upgrade from your current system, for example, if you are currently relying on electricity or gas to heat your water, consider upgrading to a solar hot water system.  The upfront cost can be off-putting but within two to three years, the money saved on not purchasing gas or increasing electricity tariff costs will more or less pay for the solar system itself. Affordable Plumbing Gold Coast offers repairs and services starting from $99 and this includes the first 15 minutes on the site, the extra cost may be incurred if a new part is required or more time is spent on the job. We have qualified plumbers that are expertly equipped to handle any water heating system, from your traditional gas and heat pump systems to the more modern solar heating systems. Contact Group AMS your Affordable Plumber on the Gold Coast and we will be able to repair or install new systems at a price that is friendly to any budget. Call us today for a quote on your repairs or replacement.