Hot Water System Failure

Rarely do hot water systems suddenly stop working. Usually there are some signs in the lead up to a complete system failure.

If you know the signs to keep an eye out for, then this could save you waking up one morning to no hot water and avoid a costly emergency repair bill!

5 signs your hot water system is about to fail

Your water should be clear. If it appears brown or cloudy and doesn’t run clear after a few seconds then you should have your hot water system looked at. A plumber will be able to determine whether the discolouration is due to the hot water system or possibly another issue such as rusty pipes; either way you want to address this sooner rather than later.

You should only have to change the thermostat on your hot water system occasionally, seasonally for example when you may need to turn the heat up or down. If you notice you are having to adjust your thermostat regularly then this could be a sign that your hot water system is not working effectively or about to break.

This is the most common sign of a hot water system failure. If your water is lukewarm or taking a long time to heat up then you likely need your water tank looked at and likely flushed to remove a build up of sediment that is affecting your tanks ability to heat water.

If your hot water system suddenly becomes noisy then you have a problem. Hot water tanks should be silent. Any rattling indicates a broken heating element, or dirty and debris is built up in the system.

If water is pooling beneath your tank this could be due to corrosion within the tank itself causing cracks. This is an obvious sign of trouble and will require an urgent replacement.

Hot water system maintenance checks by a qualified and experienced plumber can help to avoid your hot water system failing.

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact AMS Plumbing to schedule your hot water maintenance check, and save your self a plumbing emergency!