Gas, electric or solar hot water systems? Choosing the right system for your home.

Over 20% of household energy consumption in Australia comes from hot water systems.

When a hot water system needs replacing, it tends to have failed suddenly. When considering a new or replacement system for your home, you’ll want to know which is the most energy-efficient for your home usage so that you can save money on bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at the same time!

Hot water systems for your home

Whilst all systems will heat your water, some systems are more suitable than others depending on the size of your household.

Homes have different needs when it comes to hot water; a small apartment occupied by a couple will have significantly different water consumption than a four-bedroom home with a family of five.

We explain the main types of systems and their suitability for your home.

What determines which system might be most suitable?

Gas systems

Natural gas is a good option if your home has a connection for it. It is consistently priced as gas prices don’t change throughout the day and can often be cheaper than electricity

Electric systems

Solar systems

A plumber specialising in hot water systems will be able to discuss your hot water consumption needs and determine the most suitable hot water system for your home.