Drainage Issues

You’ve probably never really considered drainage and how it all really works.  In our modern society you just push a button and the toilet flushes or you pull the sink plug and the water magically swirls down the drain never to be seen again….that is until you’re faced with a blockage!!  Drain blockages may occur for a variety of reasons, but one thing is for sure, no matter what the cause the outcome is not good.  That’s when we begin to have a new found appreciation of how amazing effective drainage is.

Your home’s drainage system is a system of specially placed pipes under sinks, in the floor and out towards the street.  Drainage is the elimination of waste water from your home.  Problems with your drainage system can occur from a wide range of blockages such as those caused by bulky items, sanitary product, wipes or even toys being placed in toilets, hair build up in showers, food scraps or hot oils placed down the sink or even outside issues such as leaves or invasive tree roots finding their way into pipes.

Drain blockages may be apparent from a kitchen sink that is overflowing, a bath tub that is just making gurgling noises, or a sink whereby the water isn’t escaping, or worse still a toilet that has been flush and instead of everything being sucked away, the water level just continues to rise and rise above the bowl.  There may be some telltale signs that you have drainage issues before it gets to this crisis level.  Perhaps the water has been slower to drain away or there have been new noises when the water is draining.

If you suspect you have the start of drainage issues, then act fast before you are facing a kitchen sink overflowing or the nightmare of a blocked toilet.  Call AMS Affordable Plumber to fix your drain blockages and return your home to fast free-flowing drainage, click here.