Blocked Drains a Problem in your Home?

Blocked drains cam be a frustrating problem in any home. For some people the first port of call is to research the internet for tips on how to resolve the problem themselves. While this may work for minor blockages it can also just be a temporary solution to a far greater problem, and it is worth considering if there may be underlying factors contributing to the problem.  Clearing blocked drains Gold CoastDrains become blocked for a number of reasons; hair in shower and bath drains, food waste in kitchen sink drains, grease and fat blockages to name a few. Sometimes however the drain blockage can be more serious and you will need to call in a qualified professional. Common problems can be:

To the naked eye it is impossible to see what is actually causing the problem. Plumbers use specialised equipment to get to the cause of the problem. If you have problematic issues with drains in your home we recommend calling an experienced plumber as soon as possible. Dealt with straight away your plumber will get to the bottom of the problem in a cost efficient manner. Left unattended the problem can escalate and end up resulting in expensive repairs. AMS Plumbers have many year’s experience in dealing with blocked drain issues. We provide affordable plumbing solutions to customers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If you have a drain problem, then give us a call. With plumbers located across Brisbane and the Gold Coast we offer a same-day-service and can generally get to you within the hour. Ask about our Drain Clearing Package ONLY $250 inc Includes:

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