Blocked drain? Here’s what to do…

The number one problem plumbers get called out for is blocked drains.

Some blockages creep up on you over time with water draining slower and slower and then not at all. Other times, blocked drains happen out of nowhere!

If left untreated blockages can lead to leaks, burst pipes and plumbing nightmares! So it’s important to get that water flowing freely ASAP.

Tips to try before you call a plumber

Boiling water

Boil the kettle or put the tap on hot and slowly pour that boiling hot water down the drain that appears to be blocked. With any luck this will loosen the blockage especially if it is due to a build up of grease or fat.


If hot water doesn’t do the trick then you may have a solid blockage rather than a build up. Using a plunger, plunge the drain several times and check to see if the blockage has been dislodged.

DIY drain cleaner

This can be used in conjunction with the hot water method for more stubborn build-ups. Pour bi-carb (baking soda) down the drain, followed by white vinegar. Allow the solution to react and bubble up; clearing away any grime and scum in the process. Flush with warm water and repeat as necessary.

If these DIY methods don’t unblock your drains, it may be time to call a plumber!

Professional methods such as hydro jetting or in extreme cases, excavation, may be necessary to clear your pipes. A licenced plumber who has the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done should give these more extreme methods a whirl!

AMS Plumbing Gold Coast are the team for the job, if you find your drain severely blocked, give them a call to get a professional and thorough assessment of your drain situation!