Avoiding Blocked Drains in 2017

Happy New Year from the team at AMS Affordable Plumber!!  If your New Year’s resolution is to get some jobs tackled around the home, then there is no time like the present to get started. It’s a great idea to do some general maintenance around your home, and top of the list should be ensuring your plumbing is up to scratch.  It’s advisable to take necessary steps now so you can to prevent major plumbing issues in the future. Implementing some good general practises around the home can actually help prevent plumbing issues, this is especially the case when it comes to taking a few precautions to avoid blocked drains. To prevent any drainage issues in the kitchen it is advisable to use sink strainers to avoid food particles entering the drains and getting caught.  Never pour cooking oil or grease down the sink as these liquids will solidify in the pipes and build up over time, causing odour and greasy blockages. In the bathroom regularly remove any signs of hair accumulating in the shower.  Avoid flushing any wipes down the toilet regardless of whether they state they are flushable or not, and don’t use an excessive amount of toilet paper as this can cause an immediate blockage by clogging the drain. As part of your general overview of your plumbing, inspect to see if you have any drainage problems.  Typical signs of drainage issues include:

AMS Plumbing Gold Coast have the experience and equipment to carry out all drainage work.  If you have drainage or other plumbing concerns, their team of plumbers are ready to help identify and resolve your plumbing issues, click here to get in touch.