Avoid planting these trees near your homes plumbing

Keen Gardener? Avoid planting these trees near your homes plumbing. Tree roots are the number one cause of blocked plumbing and sewer pipes. Trees planted too close to sewerage and water pipes can cause blockages and extreme problems for your homes plumbing. Fine roots will find the smallest of cracks or joints in your plumbing. Once they have entered they will grow quickly and cause seriously inconvenient and costly problems with your pipes, including blockages.

Why will roots head towards my pipes?

Tree roots are looking for water and nutrients – sewer pipes are their prime targets. Even if your pipes are brand new, some roots are as fine as a strand of hair and can work their way through the smallest of joints.

How do I prevent blockages in my plumbing?

Avoiding a tree root problem by knowing what tree’s to avoid planting near your home, is much safer than trying to remedy the problem once the damage has been done. Whilst your garden plants won’t post much risk to your pipes as they have fibrous root systems, which grow on the upper levels of soil, tree roots have other ideas. Only plant slow growing trees with non-aggressive root systems, and seek advice if you are unsure of which trees fit this description.

Which trees should I avoid planting near my water pipes?

There are certain types of trees that you definitely should not consider planting anywhere near your home or plumbing. Here are just a few examples of trees that have fast growing roots that are considerably aggressive:

Ask your local nursery for advice and recommendations.

Top tips to avoid blocked plumbing:

What to do if you suspect a blocked pipe?

If your drain is overflowing or not draining, this may be a sign of a blockage, possibly from tree roots. A blockage can quickly lead to more problems – AMS Plumbers Gold Coast can identify the location of the blockage address it straight away and solve your drain pain. References:https://www.sawater.com.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/53196/GuideTreePlantingAvoidBlockages2011.pdf https://www.urbanutilities.com.au/residential/help-and-advice/home-maintenance/plant-smart-to-protect-your-pipes