5 things to consider when planning a ‘small’ bathroom renovation

When considering a small bathroom renovation; the aim is to create the illusion of a spacious sanctuary.

Small bathroom renovations can be tricky; you want to incorporate style and ensure functionality but don’t want to end up with a space that feels cramped.

Planning is essential! We share our tips for maximising the small space you’ve got for your bathroom renovation.

  1. Keep it simple. Keep your design clean and uncluttered. Using large tiles means less grout and therefore less visible lines that will break up the space. Keep patterns and details on tiles to a minimum, if you want to incorporate them you can use them in a small area such as a recess, but too much pattern can make the space look busy and therefore cluttered.
  2. Light colours. Light colours generally work better than dark in small spaces to make them feel more spacious. Light, airy, and soft colour schemes are timeless and will be sure to brighten up your bathroom.
  3. Walk-in shower. A walk-in shower with a frameless screen creates the illusion of space. Paired with a luxurious showerhead, fixtures, and fittings and adding a recessed wall niche for your toiletries will certainly create a sense of opulence.
  4. Floating vanities with large mirrors. Vanities can take up a lot of floor space. By choosing a floating vanity you are keeping it off the ground, which gives the illusion of spaciousness and also gives you storage underneath for small items you want easy access too in the bathroom but kept out of sight, e.g. a box of cleaning products. Paired with a large mirror above the vanity, the room will be opened up.
  5. Luxurious lighting. Well-lit bathrooms will appear bigger than those with dull or dark lighting. You don’t want the light to overpower the room; flush ceiling downlights to fill the room paired with mirror or vanity lighting will add a touch of luxe to your bathroom.