5 benefits installing a water tank in your home

It’s not just homes in rural areas that can benefit from water tanks – those living in the city can benefit too!

In Australia there are times when the climate is temperamental and water is sparse. There are also times when it absolutely buckets it down!

Because of this, the demand for rainwater tanks to be installed in homes to store precious water is in demand!

Why you should install a water tank, wherever you live:

1. You’ll save money on bills.

Using rainwater for utilities such as flushing toilets, household chores and showering can greatly reduce your water bill.

2.    There’s a size for every household.

There are water tanks to fit every shape and size that you need, including slim line water tanks or underground solutions that will fit into the smallest of spaces.

3.     No restrictions on tank water.

At times of the year where there are water restrictions, rainwater tanks can be a savior. You can use your rainwater to water your plants and garden and keep them thriving through the dry months, take longer showers and do as many loads of washing as you need. Obviously if water is sparse you still want to be mindful of how much water you are using but having the water tank will mean you don’t have to abide by water usage limited by council regulations.

4.    It’s kind on the environment.

Using tank water means using fewer resources and making use of the water that is freely available to us, the rain!

5.    You’ll save water (and money!) on household chores.

Water tanks can supply your dishwasher and washing machine, be used to wash your car and windows, water your garden and clean the house. This means you won’t be clocking up the litres on your water meter and therefore your water bill!