5 bathroom renovation trends this season

Bathroom renovations need careful consideration, as it’s not a room you want to embark on renovating regularly!

With bathroom renovations, the end result wants to be something that is not only on trend now but that will stand the test of time.

It is possible to achieve a modern look for your bathroom renovation that is also timeless, we share how:

1.    Open showers

An open shower instantly opens up the bathroom. Enclosed showers are a design disaster these days, taking up unnecessary space whilst providing no more function.

2.    Use natural elements

Natural elements such as wood and smooth stone are modern, timeless and will keep your bathroom looking fresh throughout many bathroom trends of years to come! Other natural elements such as plants will add a splash of colour and calm.

3.    Bold colours

There has been an increase in demand for coloured finishes in 2020. Homeowners are feeling bolder and braver in their colour schemes and experimenting with implementing a bold colour into their design. Colours don’t have to be dark and moody, as commonly seen in bathroom trends. Revamp it this year with muted blues, greens and pinks, which are perfect for calming bathroom spaces, and work well with natural elements.

4.    Add tech

In an era of cutting edge technology being used throughout the home, it makes sense to include some in your bathroom too, as it’s one of the most important rooms in the house! Wireless Bluetooth speakers and shower lighting are relatively inexpensive to incorporate into your renovation but can transform your space and really give it the wow factor.

5.    Don’t scrimp on fittings

The devil is in the details and when renovating a bathroom, old, out-dated fittings and fixtures will age your bathroom regardless of anything else you do. Consider modern options such as brushed metal, matte black or gold depending on what will blend with your design best to make a statement.

If this list has sparked some bathroom build or renovation inspiration and you’re in need of a plumber, contact AMS Plumbing to get your bathroom build or reno underway!