3 signs your drain might be blocked

Blocked drains are a nightmare in the home!

It’s not until they’re blocked that you suddenly realise how much you rely on free flowing drains.

A blocked drain can wreak havoc with cooking, cleaning, washing and pretty much everything to do with tasks of daily living!

Detecting a build up before it gets to a blockage can save you a lot of stress.

3 signs your drains might be on the verge of a blockage

1.    Gurgling

If your drains have started making strange noises when you pull the plug out, such as gurgling noises, it means the water isn’t flowing smoothly. There may be a blockage or build up starting to gather in the pipes.

2.    Bad smells

If your home and drains start to smell funky, like sewerage or generally off, the chances are your drains are backing up and whatever is blocking them is decaying. As drains block and bacteria builds up the smell will travel through the drains and into your home.

3.    Slow draining

If your water is draining slower than usual this is a sure fire sign your drains are getting blocked. If you notice your shower pooling and turning into a bath, the toilet almost overflowing when you flush it or the sink water backing up as you brush your teeth, the drain needs addressing ASAP.

Avoiding blocked drains is imperative to avoiding plumbing nightmares!

Cleaning your drains regularly is the best way to help reduce the risk of a blockage! Cleaning drains will reduce or eliminate any build-ups in the drain keeping your water flowing freely and pipes smelling fresh. You can buy a professional drain cleaner or make your own DIY solution from bi-carb, vinegar and hot water.

If you do find yourself with a blocked drain and don’t know what to do about it, contact AMS Plumbing who will get your water flowing freely in no time.